Music Server / Player, UPnP Server, CD ripper

photo of chassis

What is AudioGlu?

The AudioGlu is a simple to use, small, attractive, silent running, audiophile music server and player. It integrates into your existing HiFi system and replaces your CD player.

From the comfort of your armchair, enjoy the convenience of storing and accessing up to 6000 CD's (with the higher capacity option) on a dedicated appliance. Instantly accessible via an iPad app or other mobile device, you can browse your collection, create playlists, view artwork and much more.

All you need to do to get started is to plug it into your home network, download the appropriate app onto your iPad (mobile phone, tablet, pc), plug in your DAC and switch on.

Main features

  • Store around 3000 CD's or 6000 CD's (depending on capacity)
  • Control the music player using an app on your iPad/iPhone/Android device or from your home computer
  • Insert a CD into the slot and it will be copied to the hard disk
  • Your CD's are stored as exact copies of the originals so you can enjoy bit perfect reproduction of your music collection
  • Listen to your music without distraction due to the extremely quiet design
  • Access your music files in folders over your home network from your home computer
  • Play your music files remotely using a UPnP / DLNA device such as a music streamer, Windows Media Player or Blu-Ray player
  • Use as the music server for a Sonos system, no PC's required.
photo of ipad with mpad app

Nothing to configure

  • Insert a CD in the slot and it is automatically ripped and tagged into a lossless FLAC file. In order to ensure that an exact copy has been made, the CD is read multiple times until identical consecutive results are obtained
  • Plug in a USB DAC and it will be automatically configured
  • Play files with sample rates up to 24-bit/192kHz using the standard Class 2 USB audio for optimum quality
  • Use the MPaD or MPoD apps as remote controllers and they will automatically discover the AudioGlu server
  • Automatically backup your music collection by plugging in a USB hard drive

Technical details

  • Use either USB or S/PDIF connections to output your music to a DAC
  • Your music is stored in lossless FLAC files
  • Linux based system for maximum performance
  • MPD music player daemon is used for playback which can be controlled by many apps and desktop software
  • Custom software by Strategical.IT Ltd. does the auto configuration, backup, cover art etc. (the Glu)

Where can I buy one?

We apologise that AudioGlu is no longer available